Data recovery on all formats and brands:

Data Security and Confidentiality Guarantee
We strictly adhere to our internal security standards and our untarnished reputation guarantees that all data recovered from the media provided to us by our clients will be safely and securely kept and returned back to owners.

Our goal is to serve you in the most advanced, secure and professional way.

We offer free professional diagnostics and price quotes with no obligation to proceed in case you change your mind. No Data - No Charge policy assures our customers that if we are not able to retrieve the required data, the customer will not be responsible for any labor fees.

No Commitment, No data, No Charge

Ready to Help Day or Night
In case of emergency, our team members are available 24 hours a day to make sure you get your critical data back as fast as possible.


State-of-the-Art Tools and 98% success rate
Our Certified engineers perform hard drive data recovery inside Certified class 100 clean room with 98% success rate.
  • 411 Tech Solutions Data Recovery Center will do everything in our power in order not to fail you like your media did. 411 Tech Solutions Data Recovery Center operating philosophy is to deliver excellent customer service to our clients.
  • The panic that can emerge as a result of a sudden data loss can be upsetting and 411 Tech Solutions Data Recovery Center will do everything in order to make the data recovery process as trouble-free as it can be.


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(718) 578-3875